ORFEUS Data Integration Grants

Data integration grants are provided by ORFEUS within the Horizon Europe project Geo-INQUIRE with the chief goals of: (a) enhancing seismological waveform data integration from regions with sparse data coverage in the EIDA (European Integrated Data Archive) or ESM (Engineering Strong Motion) database, and (b) representing new disciplines and types of Earth Science data crucial in the geo- INQUIRE framework (e.g., infrasound, GNSS, DAS, OBS, gravimetry, etc.). Grants will be awarded to support finalizing the permanent integration of fully open waveform datasets and associated station / site metadata. The institutions integrating data sets must provide clear evidence of ownership, open license (e.g. CC-BY 4.0 or equivalent) and detailed metadata in the formats handled by the EIDA and ESM archives. The grants are intended to support the finalization of data curation including QC to allow integration in ORFEUS-associated archives.

Call 2023: https://polybox.ethz.ch/index.php/s/2gHQ1pzcEvnEw2P.