Conference Sessions

Promoted or organised by ORFEUS (last five years).

At ESC 2024

  • Coming soon

At EGU 2024

At EGU 2023

At EGU 2022

At 3ECEES (ESC + EAEE) 2022

  • Waveform Data, Services & Products for Observational Seismology

At SSA 2022

  • Improving Strong-motion Data, Products and Services: From Waveform Quality to Open Dissemination

At EGU 2021 (virtual)

At ESC 2021 (virtual)

  • The cycle of observational seismology from Waveform Data Collection to scientific products

  • Open and FAIR seismology - Consequences, challenges and opportunities

At SSA 2021 (virtual)

  • Strong-Motion Data Processing and Dissemination: State-of-the-Art and Outlook

At EGU 2020

At EGU 2019

At SSA 2019

  • Current and Future Challenges in Engineering Seismology