EPOS Seismology Workshop 2023


Next-Generation Open Seismological Data Sharing for Science and Society.

The EPOS TCS Seismology (ORFEUS + EMSC + EFEHR; https://www.epos-eu.org/tcs/seismology) workshop 2023 was held in Podgorica, Montenegro, on 9-11 October 2023. The workshop was conceived as the opening event of the GFZ International Training Course (ITC) in Seismology, that continued in Podgorica until 28 October 2023.The EPOS TCS Seismology workshop was organised with local support from the Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro (https://www.meteo.co.me/) and the University of Montenegro (faculty of Civil Engineering; https://www.ucg.ac.me//gf), the Tourist Office of Podgorica and the Capital City Podgorica. The periodic EPOS TCS Seismology workshop (previously organised in Lisbon in 2017 and in Grenoble 2019) marks a milestone in the coordination and dissemination / outreach of seismological services at European level within the EPOS framework, and a unique opportunity for scientific and technical exchange within the European seismological community. One key feature of the 2023 edition of the workshop was the active involvement of the GFZ ITC trainees, all associated with institutions in the AdriaArray region. The workshop program included: (i) presentation / training sessions on the EPOS Seismology services maintained by ORFEUS, EMSC, EFEHR; (ii) presentations of ORFEUS software grants; (iii) talks on scientific products based on the EPOS Seismology services; (iv) a demo of the EPOS data portal; (v) lectures on cutting-edge methodologies (e.g., machine learning) and projects (AdriaArray) in Earth Sciences; (vi) business meetings of the EPOS Seismology members. The workshop was attended by approximately 100 participants on-site and an additional 50 participants on-line. The workshop program (that includes the list of participants) is available here, along with copies of the presentations and posters: https://u.ethz.ch/w4B5h.